About Dualus Technology

We provide the essential core technologies for our strategic partners. Supported by our unique philosophy on systematic thinking, we believe in utilizing the academic know-how to provide the most outstanding engineering work and making impact on various stages of product development, from advanced mechanical design to embedded systems.

We value solid science and engineering skills, appreciate different approaches to problems and basically enjoy doing our work.

Informatics and Innovation Center Office

Now recruiting new R&D staff, we are planning to grow our team to become stronger.

In our innovation center office, we develop indigenous solutions to multi dimensional engineering problems. Our workplace enhances creativity while putting an emphasis on hardworking culture. We always encourage self-development of every member of our team. Currently, there are various ongoing academy - industry collaborations, networking and projects. In this context, new applications are welcome for professional evaluation.

Production Facility

We prefer to implement almost all of the product development and manufacturing stages within our facilities. For this purpose, we always invest on essential equipment. Employing young and skilled workers for the technician and engineering jobs, we have a dynamic workplace tempo.

Environmental Impact Testing Center

Meticulous testing is essential for aerospace, medical and various other industries. For this reason, we ensure our products pass listed standards and procedures in a systematic manner.