IoT Applications & Command Control Consoles

In our company that have competence in multi-layered sofware developement, our project that has been completed for the first phase as mobile platform IoT applications engaged in Linux Platform as "Command Control Console" for the second phase.

Mobile IoT Project :Various peripheral devices connected to main module in android platform and collected data and logged.. The project was terminated during the prototype phase and then evolved into the command control console.

It has been became common to develop UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) which provides surveillance and remote intervention for millitary applications, sensor supported search and rescue missions for disaster and emergency civil practices, and package delivering for general applications. The need for the development of an easily customizable and configurable remote control that can be used with a hardware and software package to be integrated on such vehicles and robot platforms is increasing. With this product, plug and play structure, robot platform, drone and so on. it is aimed to provide command control of land, air or surface vehicles.

  • Adding hardware with plug & play feature, first and foremost offering software support for different cameras and popular IoT products.
  • Quick adding new hardware support
  • Ip 65 protection
  • High MIL-STD-810 endurance as product external feature.
  • Ürün yazılımının stabil olması, kolay çökmemesi
  • Having powerful wireless communication feature of product
  • Having interface for map and location indicative in product
  • Hot swap battery